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jundishapur Sci Med J: 15(6); 2017; Jan-Feb: Current Issue  
Volume: 15 Number: 6 Date: 2017-3-18

The Effect of the Sensory Information and Age on the Transition of the Relative Phase in Bimanual Coordination Pattern - page 619 - vist 1120
Rasool Abedanzadeh, Behrouz Abdoli, Alireza Farsi
Article(PDF) 722 Kb |   Abstract
the effect of life skills training on the frequency of depressive rumination in the spouses of veteran - page 620 - vist 1662
reyhane sheykhan, Hamidreza Hasanabadi, Fazlolah Mirdrikvand, Mohamadali Sepahvandi
Article(PDF) 559 Kb |   Abstract
Effectiveness of Group Logo Therapy on the Anxiety of Death and Life Expectancy of Patients with Stomach Cancer - page 635 - vist 1124
Mahmoud Borjali, Moslem Abbasi, Arezo Asadian, Nader Ayadi
Article(PDF) 666 Kb |   Abstract
The Effect of Aerobic Training and Urtica Dioica on Lipid Profile and Fasting Blood Glucose in Middle Age Female with Type II Diabetes - page 647 - vist 1162
Neda Dadvar, Akbar Ghalavand, Mehrnoosh Zakerkish, Shahla Hojat, Eydi Alijani, Reza Mahmoudkhani Kooshkaki
Article(PDF) 670 Kb |   Abstract
The Effect of Trans-Cinnamic Acid on Apoptotic Indexes in Cancer Cells MCF7 - page 663 - vist 1056
Faezeh Zeinivand, Mohammadreza Tabandeh, Maryam Kolahi
Article(PDF) 835 Kb |   Abstract
Effect of the Incident Photon Energy and the Thickness of the tungsten Target on the Efficiency of Photoneutron Production for the Treatment of Cancer Patients - page 677 - vist 1017
Nahid Chegeni, Saleh Boveiry pour, Sasan Razmjoo Ghalaee, Foad GoliAhmadabadi
Article(PDF) 846 Kb |   Abstract
Comparison of Waist Circumference Measured at Six Different Sites in the Adults in Ahvaz City - page 685 - vist 1037
Farideh Shishehbor, Anahita Mansouri, Shabnam Mohammadinezhad, Meysam Barati, Hadi Sadeghi
Article(PDF) 604 Kb |   Abstract
The Effect of Acute Aerobic Exercise after Consumption of four Different Diets on Serum Levels Irisin in Overweight Men - page 707 - vist 1062
majid mardaniyan ghahfarrokhi, Abdul hamid Habibi, Majid Mohammad Shahi, Mehdi Zarei
Article(PDF) 925 Kb |   Abstract
The Mediating Role of Dysfunctional Cognition between Early Maladaptive Schemas and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - page 717 - vist 1052
Alireza Mokhber Dezfuli, Fatemeh Rezaei, Masoud Sadeghi
Article(PDF) 663 Kb |   Abstract
Evaluation of Bla-CTX-M-15 and Bla-AMPC(FOX) Beta Lactamase Genes in Klebsiella Pneumoniae Isolates Isolated from Patients in Isfahan City Hospitals - page 733 - vist 1214
Arman rostamzad, Aliyar Padervand
Article(PDF) 674 Kb |   Abstract
A Study of L-Arginine to Asymmetric Dimethylarginine Ratio in Middle Aged Hypertensive Men and Effect of Aerobic Training on this Variable - page 745 - vist 1001
Meisam Shabaaninia, Fereshteh Shahidi, Hamid Rajabi, Iraj Nazari
Article(PDF) 599 Kb |   Abstract
The Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Stress Management Intervention on General Health Patients with Cardiovascular Disease - page 757 - vist 1117
Abdolazim Shahroie, Mahnaz Mehrabizadeh Honarmand, Seyed Mohammad Hassan Adel, Mehran Shahroie, Shahriar shahroey
Article(PDF) 835 Kb |   Abstract

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