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Summer& Fall2012  
Volume: 3 Number: 4 Date: 2012-7-8

The evaluation of satisfaction level among the patients referred to different departments of Ahvaz dental school - page 1 - vist 2232
Mahmoud Jahangirnezhad, Amir Dibaee, Heshmatollah Lotfi, Mina Zaheri Abdehvand
Article(PDF) 240 Kb |   Abstract
Relationship of mental health nursing students with the first Clinical education experience - page 8 - vist 2426
Shayste Haghighi, Marziye Asadizaker, Ahmad Eizadi
Article(PDF) 391 Kb |   Abstract
Investigating the relationships between quality of learning experience’s components and self-efficacy on academic burnout among students of Allamme Tabatabaei University of Tehran - page 18 - vist 2518
Davood Hayati, Abdolhosein Ogbahi, Seyed Abedin Hoseini Ahangari, Mohsen Azizi Abarghuei
Article(PDF) 456 Kb |   Abstract
The study of Knowledge and View of faculty members of Ahvaz Jundishapur University Of Medical Sciences with short term and long term strategies of combined e-learning. A Cross-Sectional Study - page 30 - vist 2247
Ashrafalsadat Hakim, Daryosh Rokhafroz, Neda Sayadi
Article(PDF) 326 Kb |   Abstract
Investigating the Pedagogic Barriers to the Development of Electronic Education: A Case Study of Ahvaz Jundi Shapour University of Medical Sciences - page 39 - vist 2639
Abdolhosein Ogbehi, Abdolmehdi Moarrefzadeh, Saeid Moshtaghi
Article(PDF) 306 Kb |   Abstract
The attitude of medical students towards the criteria for selection of supervisor attendance and Dissertation topic in Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science - page 49 - vist 2165
Afshin Amini, Hojate Derakhshanfar, Ali Shahrami, Hamidreza Hatam abadi, Eisa Sharifi
Article(PDF) 382 Kb |   Abstract
Effeets of Simultaneous Presentation Of Symptoms, Treatment and nursing Care in Learning the contents of diseases vsing diagram(diseases algorithm) in the word software from the perspective of nursing students - page 58 - vist 2159
Hooshang Alijani Renani
Article(PDF) 251 Kb |   Abstract
Assessment of writing Radiographic interpretation in increasing quality of education of diagnosis of dental caries and periodontal disease in Ahwaz dental students. - page 64 - vist 1777
Mehdi Sayah Bargard, Arash Dabaghi, Tahere Zaheri Shahmarvandi, Hamed Tabesh, Soheyla Bayati
Article(PDF) 266 Kb |   Abstract

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