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Jundishapur J Oncol;2015; March
Article title: valuation of Frequency of Histological Subtypes of Patients with Lung cancer Reffering for Treatment to Golestan Hospital Ahwaz 1380-1390

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Background: Lung cancer is the main leading cause of cancer deaths in men and the second leading cause of cancer death for women in worldwide. This study, explains the subtypes histological study of lung cancers in patients admitted to Ahvaz Golestan Hospital. Material and methods: Data from the records of all patients with primary lung cancer that their disease was diagnosed during the years of 2001 to 2011 were collected and coded to be analyzed by SPSS software version 20. Result: Over the 11-year of study a total number of 483 lung cancer cases were identified. Of which, 13% were SCLC and 64.4% NSCLC. A total number of 141 of the patients were female and 372 male. The most common subtype among men was SCC while adenocarcinoma was the most frequent subtype among women. The mean age of patients with SCLC, 63.16 years and in the case of NSCLC was 63 years. Conclusion: The obtained results from this study showed that there was not a significant relationship for the process of changing in the subtype’s frequency, the male and female sex ratio as well as the mean age of patients.

Lung Cancer, Subtype

Article Authors:
Seyed Mohammad HosseiniFirst
Sasan RazmjooOther
Nasibeh NoshadiOther
Sholeh ArvandiOther Author
Hodjatollah ShahbazianOther Author

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