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summer 2017
Article title: Studying the attitudes of Faculty Members at Qom Medical University to Lesson Plan based on using ASSURE model

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Teaching method and developing lesson plans are imperative in quality of education, hence to motivate teachers to develop lesson plans can be effective in improving the quality of medical education. This research aimed to gauge the opinions of faculty members at Qom medical university about Lesson Plan based on using ASSURE model in 2015. This conducted research was a descriptive-analytical cross sectional study. The population was consisted of all faculty members of Qom University of Medical Sciences, but the participants were entered into the study by census method; then a questionnaire in two parts including demographic characteristics and attitude questions consisting of 14 questions was distributed. Eventually, the data were analyzed by using SPSS software version 16th and by Independent T tests, and ANOVA at the significant level of less than 0.05; and the mean of total score of whole attitudes obtained from faculty members participating in the study were estimated 33.9±7.59. Results showed that the mean score of attitude towards lesson plans was significantly different between the two clinical and basic sciences of educational group (P-value=0.01). Also the mean score of attitude among the people participated in the workshop lesson plan was significantly more than those who had not participated in the workshop lesson plan (P-value=0.04). The results of this study showed that university teachers were not in proper conditions in terms of attitudes towards lesson plan according to ASSURE model, therefore, the importance of careful and effort planning for the improvement of this issue should be considered.

Lesson Plan, Faculty Member, Attitude, ASSURE Model.

Article Authors:
Tahereh RamezaniFirst Author
Zahra Dashti
Siamak MohebiOther Author
Gholamreza SharifiradCorresponding

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