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summer 2017
Article title: Postgraduate Students’ Satisfaction with Supervisory and Advisory Performance in Thesis Process in hygeine school of Tehran university of medical sciences : 2014-2015

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The main purpose of this study was to determine satisfaction of postgraduate students of hygeine school of Tehran university of medical sciences from their supervisors and Advisors at 2014-2015. This study was conducted by descriptive. At first was evaluated the face validity and content validity of questionaire with the Lawasche's method by 11 experts. CVR was more than 0.59 for all questionaire items that confirmed content validity. Its reliability was determined with the test- retest method and Cronbakh's alpha coefficient and it was 0.97. 382 students filled the questionaires and after collecting, data was analyzed with descriptive and analytic stastics by SPSS software. Findings of the study showed that 86.6 % of M.Sc. students and 84.9 % of Ph.D. students had high satisfaction from their supervisors and advisors. There was no meaningful relationship between gender and grade with satisfaction (p>0.05) but there was meaningful relationship between age, study type and thesis/dissertation situation (p<0.05).According to findings of this study postgraduate students of hygeine school of Tehran university of medical sciences were satisfied with their supervisors and advisors. Recommended emphasis on empowering students̕ research capabilities and further studies performed in Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Satisfaction, Supervision, Postgraduate Students, Advisor, Supervisor, Thesis, Dissertation.

Article Authors:
Kianoush AbdiFirst
Mohammad ArabCorresponding
Ali Akbari sariOther
Fateme AdelinejadOther

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