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summer 2017
Article title: Assessment Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence with Anxiety and Life Quality of Students at Tehran Medical Sciences Branch of Islamic Azad University

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Students confront with different & various anxiety during their education period, especially those are far from their families. In some cases the natural source which can help them is spirituality since it gives meaning and purpose to their life. The present studywas a cohesive-descriptive research which 400 students of Tehran Islamic Azad Medical University were selected by quota system. The data collection instruments were three questionnaire; spiritual intelligence by King included 24 items, anxiety (apparent& secret) questionnaire by Eshpil Berger included 40 items, and 3rd questionnaire was quality of lifeSF-36. Then the validity of spiritual intelligence questionnaire was estimated by 0/92. For statistical analysis, Pearson correlation coefficients and step by step regression model were used. After data analysis,the results showed that spiritual intelligence had a relationship with apparent anxiety (r= -0/312, p<0/001), secret anxiety(r=-0/254, p<0/001) & with student life quality(r=234, p<0/001). Moreover, there was a relationship among components of spiritual intelligence such as existential critical thinking(r=0/223, p<0/001), personal meaning production(r=0/269, p<0/001), elaboration of conscious state (r=0/168, p<0/001) & transcendental consciousness(r=0/208, p<0/001) with life quality. Further, there was a negative relationship among existential critical thinking(r=0/297, p<0/001), personal meaning production(r=0/362, p<0/001), elaboration of conscious state (r=-0/222 p<0/001) & transcendental consciousness(r=-0/279, p<0/001) with apparent anxiety. There was a negative relationship among existential critical thinking(r=0/232, p<0/001), personal meaning production(r=0/341, p<0/001), elaboration of conscious state (r=-0/143 p<0/004) & transcendental consciousness(r=-0/230, p<0/001) with secret anxiety, in addition, spiritual intelligence had a relationship with anxiety (apparent& secret) & also with student life quality.

Spiritual intelligence, life quality, Anxiety, Students.

Article Authors:
Mohammad javad MohammadiCorresponding
Mohammd SahebalzamaniOther Author
Fatemeh SerajianFirst
Ali Akbar AghaineghadOther Author
Seyed Mohammad AlaviOther Author
Sahar GeravandiOther Author
Maryam MasoudzadeganOther Author
Ali Mohammadi VeldaniOther Author

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