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summer 2017
Article title: The comparison of Emotional Intelligence among University Students at Dezful Medical University

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Student to which community they belong are the next empower and constructor of society, hence their physical and mental health and emotional intelligence as a predictor of mental and social health, educational and career are very important. The present study aimed to compare emotional intelligence between boy and girl medical students at Dezful University of Medical Sciences in 2014. A descriptive - analytic study was carried out that the population consisted of 108 girls and 126 boys studying at Dezful University of Medical Sciences and they were participated through Random sampling - the quota being selected. In addition, the data were collected using demographic characteristics and Bar-On Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire which the validity and reliability of that were approved by content validity and internal consistency, and Cronbach's alpha level was reported 0.93, too. In total, the mean of overall emotional intelligence and its components were reported more in girls than boys (P<0.05), and overall emotional intelligence among the majority of students (69/23%) were at good level. Moreover; a comparison of the relationship between emotional intelligence and demographic factors (age, GPA, education and marital status) showed a significant relationship between the two components (the flexibility and control of impulsivity) with age in girls, and also self-actualization and independence with education level in boys (P<0.05). According to the results of this study, it seems that paying particular attention to emotional intelligence to success in education and value of mental health, and the

Emotional Intelligence, Girls, Boys, Students.

Article Authors:
Nosrat BahramiOther Author
Salman Najafvand DerikvandiOther Author
Somayeh BahramiCorresponding

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