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summer 2017
Article title: Assessment of Senior Dental Students’ Views related to practical Education in different departments in school of Dentistry, Jundishapur University of Medical Science, Ahvaz, 2015

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Clinical training is a dynamic process in which the students acquire experience by the patients’ bedside and gradually apply the concepts they learned practically by interacting with the instructor and patient. The students as the main target group in clinical training are one of the best options for evaluating this process and future planning to improve it. The aim of this study was to evaluate the quality of clinical training in the students’ view in the different departments of the Ahvaz dental School. This research was a descriptive and cross-sectional study. Its statistical population was included of the 6th year dental students. The data were collected in the field by questionnaire. Collected data were analyzed by descriptive statistic and Kruskal-Wallis test with SPSS software version 19. Thirty students (17 males and 13 females) with a mean age of 26/30 ± 0/442 years old were cooperating in this study. The evaluation of teachers was rather at an acceptable and medium level but the level of training program and facilities were poor. Frome the viewpoint of students Oral Medicine and Pediatrics departments had the best performance and the fixed prosthesis and Surgery departments had weaker performance. Training programs need to reassess and Educational facilities should be increased until they reach the optimal level. Teachers also need to have further retraining to reach a good level.

Educational evaluation, dentistry, clinical training, Ahvaz

Article Authors:
mashaallah khanehmasjediCorresponding
Leila bassirOther Author
Sadrollah ShahroieFirst Author
samaneh khanehmasjediOther Author

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