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summer 2017
Article title: Examining the Tendency of Babol Paramedical Students toward Radiation Medicine

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By considering the importance of motivation as an important factor in learning and acquiring skills and eventually students’ success, this study was designed to evaluate the motivation and incentive of Medical Radiation students toward the field of study at Babol medical university in 2014. In this cross-sectional study, all new Medical Radiation students participated in this research. Data were collected by a reliable questionnaire (α = 0.86) about demographic data; questions were about personal, environmental and professional motivation to the fields, and then the data were analyzed by SPSS software and T-test at a significance level (0.05 >p). The most important incentive mentioned by students was being eager to help people (%42.6) and to obtain a good social status (%44.3), and interest in working in the health sector (%54.9), while the lowest effect to motivate the new students was lack of tendency to enter university (%3.3), the force of parents (%3.3), and the existence of this course in their town (%6.6). According to the results, it seems that the environmental factors relatively had low impact, while professional factors had considerable influence than other factors to eager and motivate the students; it is important to notice that comparison the scores of these two domains showed significant difference between male and female students (P = 0.001).

Medical Radiation Students, Choice, Motivation.

Article Authors:
gholamreza ataeiFirst
Freshteh Adel Mashhadi SariCorresponding

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