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Spring 2017
Article title: Students’ Study Habits and its Association With Demographic Characteristics at Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences in 2015

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Study habits of a person determines the academic progress, therefore, this study aimed to determine study habits among students at Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences and its association with demographic characteristics, too. This descriptive-analytic study encompassed 669 students including 330 graduate students and 339 under graduate and doctoral students. The sampling method in graduate group was census, but stratified random sampling was used in another group. Data were gathered using study habit inventory questionnaire PSSHI) and then were analyzed by SPSS16 through independent t test, one-way ANOVA, and Pearson correlation. The total mean score of the students’ study habits estimated 47.38±4.85 that the lowest average score among the different fields was related to the scope of the taking notes (41.85±21.14) and time management (42.36±15.71); moreover, students in the fields of health had the lowest average in taking notes and learning motivation. There was a significant relationship between some subscales of study habits and sex, marital status, field of study, exam preparation time (P<0.0 5), although there wasn’t any significant relationship between study habits and living places (P>0. 05). The study habits among students studying at Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences was in moderate level that was so far from an ideal level, therefore, it is recommended that principles of correct study should be considered at the initial entrance to university education.

Study Habits, Students, Study Skills.

Article Authors:
Mohammad Mehdi MohammadiFirst Author
Roghayeh PoursaberiCorresponding
Mohammad Hassan Omidvar bornaOther Author

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