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summer 2017
Article title: Study on Need levels and Expectation of job among Students of Occupational Therapy in Tehran Universities

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Expectations of job is one of the major factors that determines the relationship between individuals and the organization. Motivation at work, responding to the employees’ needs of job, and also providing favorable career paths requires a review of the needs and expectations of individual identification of a job. Due to scarcity of related research, this study aimed to investigate the needs and expectations of the job among students studying occupational therapy. This descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted in 1393. The population included occupational therapy students of Universities in Tehran city. To examine the expectations and needs of occupational therapy students, the needs questionnaire designed by Gordon and expectation of the job questionnaire designed by Lussier were used. Afterwards, data were analyzed by using the SPSS software version 19th.: In this study, 107 individuals participated. The data remarked that the highest average rating in the Gordon-needs questionnaire was the need for security (4/61 ± 0/72), and the lowest score was mentioned social need (4/08 ± 0/62). In the Lussier questionnaire, the average rates of health factors was 27/76 ± 2/20, further the motivational factors was 26/14 ± 2/68.The results of this study showed that the health factors were prior than motivational factors from students’ opinion. They considered the importance of the dimensions of need respectively as follows; security need (maximum), the need to respect, the need for independence, need for self-actualization and social need (minimum).

Need levels, Expectation of the job, Occupational therapy students, Occupational therapy.

Article Authors:
narges ghamariFirst
Seyed Ali HosseiniCorresponding
Farzane YazdaniOther
Anvar LotfiOther
Fateme GhamariOther
Mahbobe GhamariOther

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