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Supplemental 95  
Volume: 7 Number: 1 Date: 2016-10-31

The Impact of Cognitive (Active and Inactive) and Multi-Sensory Training on the Remembering and Kept in mind of children With Mental Exceptional Needs - page 1 - vist 738
Alireza Balouti
Article(PDF) 749 Kb |   Abstract
The Analysis of Course Books in Elementary School with an Emphasis on High Levels of Cognition - page 12 - vist 686
Zahra Kazemi
Article(PDF) 642 Kb |   Abstract
An Examination of the Barriers to Women’s Participating in Managerial Levels of Education Organization in Iran - page 20 - vist 697
Shohreh Mahmoudian
Article(PDF) 622 Kb |   Abstract
Effectiveness of Storytelling on decrease of Aggression and - page 26 - vist 670
Golnoosh Chegeni, Mahboobe Chegeni
Article(PDF) 706 Kb |   Abstract
A Study of Teachers' Attitudinal Changes in Elementary School toward Educational Responsibilities in 2014-2015 from the Viewpoints of Instructors in Farhangian University - page 36 - vist 717
Mahmoud Manzari
Article(PDF) 592 Kb |   Abstract
- page 42 - vist 712
Javad Neemati Bidgoli
Article(PDF) 764 Kb |   Abstract
Effectiveness of play Therapy in Reducing Symptoms of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder in School Children - page 53 - vist 661
yasaman Ghorbani, Gholamreza Talebi, Baharak Jahandar, Mansoureh Rabbani zadeh
Article(PDF) 608 Kb |   Abstract
Compare implemented curriculum on teacher qualifications ‘in Azad and public universities of Khorasan Razavi province academic year 2014-2015 - page 59 - vist 656
mahdi ghaemi, ezatolah nadri, maryam seifnaraghi
Article(PDF) 714 Kb |   Abstract
Designing a Semi-centralized Curriculum Model Accompanied With National Curriculum in Junior high School in Iran - page 66 - vist 635
Keyvan Tiari, ezatolah nadri, مریم سیف نراقی
Article(PDF) 541 Kb |   Abstract
The Effectiveness of Teaching Spiritual Intelligence Components in Students’ Educational Progress - page 74 - vist 640
Reza Mansouri, MArjan Al behbahani, Zohreh Esmaili, Farzaneh Amjadiyan
Article(PDF) 712 Kb |   Abstract
The effectiveness of nonviolent communication training on increase students' academic performance - page 82 - vist 718
Dorri Ghanad Tousi, Nadia madanipour, Azizreza Ghasemzadeh, Mohammad Asadi
Article(PDF) 690 Kb |   Abstract
To investigate the psychology of modern learning management - page 88 - vist 589
Tahereh Roshani
Article(PDF) 752 Kb |   Abstract
The Effectiveness of Integrated Approach of Khwajah Nasiral-Din Tousi Moral Education and Piaget Cognitive Process on Changing Teachers' Attitudes in the Process of Moral Education of Students - page 95 - vist 576
Majid Mahmoodi Mozafar
Article(PDF) 740 Kb |   Abstract
Video based and feedback Emergency Residents in Jundishapur University Medical Sciences - page 105 - vist 467
Javad Mozafari
Article(PDF) 107 Kb |   Abstract

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