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Summer 2014  
Volume: 5 Number: 2 Date: 2014-8-9

Evaluation of Case–Based Teaching Method for Infectious Diseases Educational Course in Ahvaz Jaundishapur University of Medical Sciences - page 88 - vist 973
roohangize nashibi, فاطمه احمدی
Article(PDF) 154 Kb |   Abstract
The Analysis of Situation within International-Relations Management in Terms of using Foreign Scholars and Experts and Holding Training Courses for Foreign Students at Tabriz University of Medical sciences - page 93 - vist 903
saber azami-aghdash, علیرضا فرج اللهی, ابوالقاسم امینی, محمدرضا رشیدی, عباس شهبازی
Article(PDF) 186 Kb |   Abstract
Evaluation of Medical Students' Satisfaction Toward the Physiology Exam Using Educational Pictures and Movies in comparison with Multiple Choice Tests Isfahan University of Medical Sciences - page 100 - vist 783
majid Khazaei
Article(PDF) 162 Kb |   Abstract
Evaluation of Environmental Barriers in Clinical Education in Viewpoints of Instructors and Nursing Students - page 106 - vist 891
Asghar Tanomand, Farideh Niknam, فرحناز عبدالله زاده
Article(PDF) 198 Kb |   Abstract
Effective Factors on Motivation of Nurses to Participate in - Service Training Programs in Bojnurd Educational Hospital - page 114 - vist 816
ahmad sadeghi, مهدی حارث ابادی, زهره عباسی, سید حمید حسینی
Article(PDF) 263 Kb |   Abstract
The Study on Relation between Hidden Curriculum as an Educational System with Educational Performance of Junior High School Students of Shushtar in 2011-2012 - page 122 - vist 824
Masud Borumand Nasab, Faranak Omidian, Tayebeh Hosseinpur
Article(PDF) 196 Kb |   Abstract
Survey of Barriers Factors on Research Studies within Educational Approach from Faculty Members’ attitude in Jahrom University of Medical Science - page 130 - vist 803
razieh zahedi, Abbas Ahmadi Vasme Jani, Atefeh Karamzadeh, Razieh Zahedi
Article(PDF) 207 Kb |   Abstract
Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievement of Students in Jiroft Universities in 2013 - page 137 - vist 856
morteza nasiri, Musab Ghaderi, ALI Aeine Heidari, Mohammad Pachang, سارا آدرویشی
Article(PDF) 231 Kb |   Abstract
Evaluating Motivation and Interest in Choosing Career or Higher Education Study among Radiology Students in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences - page 148 - vist 1502
mozhdeh mirahadi, nahideh ghaerhaghagi
Article(PDF) 223 Kb |   Abstract
Comparing two Different Teaching Methods: Traditional and Teblog-based Teaching (WBT) By Group Discussion - page 156 - vist 1096
Fatemeh Haidari, Majid Mohammadshahi, سید عابدین حسینی آهنگری, سید احمد حسینی
Article(PDF) 219 Kb |   Abstract
Assessment the Incentive of Responsibility Acceptance of Students Counseling by University Professors - page 165 - vist 857
sara saki, اسمعیل اسکندری, الهام نصیری, محمدرضا صاکی, صلاح صاکی, شکوفه رئیسیان
Article(PDF) 196 Kb |   Abstract
The Relation between A and B Personality Types with Educational Performance in Medical Students of Ahvaz Jundishapur Medical Sciences University - page 172 - vist 765
Ahmad fakhri, Mohammadreza Haghdost, Batol Maraashi
Article(PDF) 147 Kb |   Abstract
Medical Students’ Satisfaction of Implementation a Clinical Teaching Method in Pediatric Department of Golestan Hospital inbbbb Ahvaz Jundishapour University of Medical Sciences - page 176 - vist 802
Abdolhussein Shakurnia, Aliakbar momen, Abdolhussein Shakurnia
Article(PDF) 255 Kb |   Abstract
- page 181 - vist 834
maryam zaare nahandi, ali banagozar mohammadi
Article(PDF) 161 Kb |   Abstract

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