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Summer & Fall 2013  
Volume: 4 Number: 1 Date: 2013-11-20

Need Assessment & Comparison of Faculties Developmental Programs in Arak University of Medical Sciences - page 1 - vist 1539
Zohre Anbari, Nader Zarinfar
Article(PDF) 476 Kb |   Abstract
Comparison the Efficacy of a New and Conventional Digital Radiography Method on the Quality improvement of Diagnostic Maxillofacial Radiography Education - page 17 - vist 1055
Behrooz Eftekhar, Arash Dabbaghi, Seyed Arman Mohagheghi, Hossein Komeyl sani, Mohammad Amin Kavoosi
Article(PDF) 398 Kb |   Abstract
Evaluating the Quality of Lesson Plans by Nursing and Midwifery Faculty Members of Selected Nursing Schools in Iran - page 25 - vist 1184
Mohsen Adib Hajbaghery, Masoumeh Sadat Mousavi, Mohammad Sajjad Lotfi, Efat Aminolroayaee
Article(PDF) 413 Kb |   Abstract
The problems of Students Attending in University Counseling Offices in Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences - page 34 - vist 1151
Abdolhussein Shakurnia, Ahmadreza Mohtadi, Hussein Alhampour, Hajar Borvayeh
Article(PDF) 413 Kb |   Abstract
Possibility Assessment of Implement Performance Management in Golestan University of Medical Sciences From the Perspective of Faculty - page 43 - vist 1209
Said saffarian hamedani, Mohammad Salehi, Shima Malekmahmoodi
Article(PDF) 369 Kb |   Abstract
Predicting Academic Achievement Based on Grit as a Personality Trait with Mediating Role of Goal Orientation among MA Students of Shiraz University - page 53 - vist 1705
Alireza Sharifi Ardany, Mohammad Khayyer, Davood Hayati, Ahmad Sharifi Ardani, Jafar Raeisi, Alireza Rouhi
Article(PDF) 424 Kb |   Abstract
Assessment of Compliance of Comprehensive Pre-internship Exam Questions with Educational priorities that are Needed for General Practitioner - page 64 - vist 1326
Mohammad Hashem Hashempur, Mojtaba Heydari, Mohammad Hadi Bagheri, Mesbah Shams
Article(PDF) 487 Kb |   Abstract
The Effectiveness of Training how to Bringing up Children based on Iranian Culture on Parents' Growing Methods and Children's Achievements - page 74 - vist 1459
Hasanali Mirzabeigi
Article(PDF) 453 Kb |   Abstract
Students' Views about the Educational Quality of Health Services Management Department in AJUMS - page 83 - vist 1104
Kamal Shakhi, Davood Hossinpour, Hamid Reza Maharloo, Mansour Zahiri, Mohammad Hoseen Haghighi zadeh
Article(PDF) 390 Kb |   Abstract
Education in order to empower students master role - page 90 - vist 1093
Morteza Ghojazadeh, Sabr azmy Ghdash, Mohammed Naghavi behzad
Article(PDF) 278 Kb |   Abstract

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