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jundishapur Sci Med J: 15(6); 2017; Jan-Feb: Current Issue
Article title: A Study of L-Arginine to Asymmetric Dimethylarginine Ratio in Middle Aged Hypertensive Men and Effect of Aerobic Training on this Variable

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Background and Objective: Endothelial function has an effect on blood pressure and meanwhile, the ratio of L-Arginine/Asymmetric Dimethylarginine (L-Arg/ ADMA) is important. In addition, the effect of exercise training on blood pressure has been established. The present study intends to examine LArg / ADMA ratio in patients with hypertensive middle-aged men and the effect of aerobic training on it. Subjects and Methods: In this quasi-experimental study, 12 normo-tensive and 24 hypertensive middle-aged men (age: 49.66  2.8 y, height: 174.16  4.66 cm, weight: 81.08  12.65 Kg) were selected. The hypertensive subjects were further sub-divided into two groups. 12 for control (age: 52.08  2.53 y, height: 173.75  5.81 cm, weight: 80.08  8.26 Kg) and 12 for aerobic training (age: 50.54  3.01 y, height: 177.01  5.98 cm, weight: 86.09  13.15 Kg). The training included 12 wks treadmill aerobic running with 60 % heart rate reserve, three times-a-week for 12 min each session. each week up to the 6th week 3 min and then every two weeks 3 min were added to the training time. So that training in the last two weeks was 36 min. Blood pressure and samples for the measurement of L-Arg/ADMA ratio were taken before and after the training period. Blood variables were measured by ELISA method. Normality of distribution of data was assessed with the Shapiro-Wilk test and between subjects differences was assessed with independent t-test and analysis of variance with repeated measures. Results: Results showed that the L-Arg/ADMA ratio is more in patients than in healthy subjects (t=5.099, P=0.0001) and sub maximal aerobic training significantly reduced systolic blood pressure (F=8.698, P=0.008) and increased L-Arg /ADMA (F=10.741, P=0.004). Conclusion: It seems that endothelial function in patients with hypertension is impaired and these patients can do aerobic training to relieve pressure and improve endothelial function. ►Please cite this paper as: ShabaaniniaM, Shahidi F, Rajabi H, Nazari I. A Study of L-Arginine to Asymmetric Dimethylarginine Ratio in Middle Aged Hypertensive Men and Effect of Aerobic Training on this Variable. Jundishapur Sci Med J 2016;15(6):745-756

Hypertension, L-Arg / ADMA, Aerobic training

Article Authors:
Meisam ShabaaniniaFirst
Fereshteh ShahidiOther
Hamid RajabiOther
Iraj NazariOther

1-1. Cooke JP, Dzau VJ. Nitric oxide synthase: role in the genesis of vascular disease. Annu Rev Med. 1997;48:489-509.

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