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summer 2016  
Volume: 7 Number: 2 Date: 2016-9-10

Different Methods of Medical Sciences Virtual Education in Iran and Assessment of their Efficacy; a Review Article - page 128 - vist 642
kaveh eslami, leila kouti, amin noori
Article(PDF) 629 Kb |   Abstract
Comparison the Effectiveness of Educational Management Strategy in Morning Report Subject on Self-directed Learning in Medical Students - page 138 - vist 696
zeinab sadeghi, Mohammad Reza behrangi, Reza mohtashami
Article(PDF) 906 Kb |   Abstract
The Need to Establish a Forensic Nursing Branch in the Headlines of Nursing Curriculum - page 146 - vist 577
Mansoor Ghafourifard, Hadi Hssankhani
Article(PDF) 607 Kb |   Abstract
Comparison Between Libraries’ Staff, Collection and Space of Colleges’ Libraries at Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences and Iranian Academic Libraries’ Standards in 92-93 - page 155 - vist 468
mohammadali zamani, Ali Hosein Ghasemi
Article(PDF) 649 Kb |   Abstract
Medical Students' Attitudes Towards the Objective and Content of Immunology in General Medicine - page 162 - vist 482
Mehri Ghafourian Boroujerdnia, Abdollhussein shakurnia, Fatemeh Sadat Amini, Hussein Elhampour
Article(PDF) 885 Kb |   Abstract
Effective Factors Promoting Anatomy Course Education from View Point of Medical Students in Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences - page 170 - vist 514
Pegah Panahi, Mahdieh Bayati, Vahid Bayati, Fatemeh tirkesh
Article(PDF) 765 Kb |   Abstract
Assessment of the Educational Content of Lesson Plans by Faculty Members in North Khorasan University of Medical Sciences - page 180 - vist 487
رجبعلی حکم ابادی, Ahmad Sadeghi
Article(PDF) 495 Kb |   Abstract
The Effectiveness of Family Evaporated Model (FEM) Based on Iranian Culture, on Parenting Style and Academic Achievement of Students - page 187 - vist 499
Hasanali Mirzabighi
Article(PDF) 568 Kb |   Abstract
Appraise of Students' Perception of Educational-Learning Environment Utilizing DREEM Model in Islamic Azad University of Mashhad - page 194 - vist 516
arezou faraj pour, mohamad sarafraz yazdi, mehran homam, mohamad ali raisolsadat, samaneh sarvghad moghadam
Article(PDF) 995 Kb |   Abstract
Comparison of Sleep Quality Index and Subscales (Sleep Latency , Sleep Duration and Sleep Efficacy) among Students at Good , Average and Limited Academic Performance at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences - page 204 - vist 558
Yousef Khonya, Nasrin Karimi, Mohammad bagher Raofi, Arash Mohagheghi
Article(PDF) 946 Kb |   Abstract
The Examination of Relationship between Academic Buoyancy, Goals Achievement and Motivational Orientations with Creative Self-efficacy among Students in Ahvaz Jondishapur University of Medical Sciences - page 214 - vist 497
Hamid faramarzi, Ali reza hajiyakhchali, Manijeh Shehni yailagh
Article(PDF) 775 Kb |   Abstract
- page 222 - vist 470
ali banagozar mohammadi, Maryam Zare Nahandi
Article(PDF) 454 Kb |   Abstract

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